Ameda Finesse Review – Is it the Best Breast Pump?

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Ameda Finesse Breast Pump Review  

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medela ameda finesse reviews
Mother breastfeeding and hugging her newborn baby.

Giving birth is extremely demanding and the first few years require a lot from mom. Having a good breast pump, like the Ameda finesse, can help ease breast feeding. But is the Ameda finesse the best choice for you? With so many available options it can be hard to choose. Today we take a deep dive into the Ameda Finesse to review the pros and cons of the breast pump.

At the hospital I got a manual pump, Medela, which could be a good option for new mom. A manual breast pump does require quite a bit of work.

First month it was fine but as soon as my baby’s stomach started to expand he needed more and more milk. The lactose specialist we spoke to at the hospital recommends pumping in between feedings to be able to stimulate more milk production. Meaning maybe 8-12 times a day. For me it was too much time to spend on pumping. A manual pump is a good option if you have time to pump regularly. But for me I had to get back to work. So I started to consider an electric breast pump.

medela ameda finesse
Breast feeding baby with clean blue eyes close-up

As far as I realized I needed something to be cleaned easily, fast, portable, light and one more important feature – it should not be too expensive. Having a baby is the happiest moments in life and the biggest miracle. Also it’s the time when your expenses change and you might want to stay within budget of buying not the most expensive pump. I saw Ameda Finesse breast pump and here’s some key features as well as cons and pros about it

Ameda finesse pump has been in the industry for more than 70 years and was created by one of the Sweden gynecologists Einar Egnell. For several decades Ameda has been shows some groundbreaking innovations in the pumping industry.


Double Electric Pump

I truly loved ♥ that the Ameda finesse pump because it’s a double electric pump. A double electric pump is simply best to maximize the amount of milk that you can express in a short amount of time. With manual pump I used to express one breast at the time. While doing so, the other breast was stimulated and was leaking milk. Thus, I was losing a pretty good amount of milk supply. As my lactation specialist used to say that I should never lose a drop of a”white gold”supplies:-).

Closed System- Proven Airlock Protection

Another great feature of the Ameda finesse pump is that it has a closed system. A closed system prevents bacteria getting into the mechanism by providing and extra sort of Barrier between the expressed milk and the pump. Basically it’s “closed” from milk getting into the system and saves you time. It can be easily cleaned and can be used for a multiple -users, you’d just need to have a separate milk collection kit.

review ameda finesse

Ideal For Daily Use

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy home stay mom or a working business mommy the ideal pump would be the one that saves you time on a day to day basis and gives you more time to enjoy your beloved. I think Ameda Finesse breast pump would be a pretty good option for it.

Lightweight & Compact

One of the most important things to consider is if you’re planning to move around a lot. If you’re like me, I needed something to be lightweight and portable to move. It weighs only 5.7lb which is less than its top competitor, the Medela pump which weighs in at 7 lbs. I can easily put all the parts of this pump in one cooler bag without it being smashed.

Similar to the Madela Pump In Style it is very easy to take this pump around town or on a trip.


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BPA Free

When you’re comparing pumps, one important thing to consider for the milk collection bottles to be BPA and DEHP free. What is BPA? I’m sure you asked yourself this question. BPA in another words Bisphenol A it is a chemical that was invented by Russian Chemist to harden a class of plastic (polycarbonate). When exposed to heat, the polycarbonate can leak out. So for that reason I would try to choose milk containers without BPA. Ameda Finesse offers such.

feeding baby after pumping with madela ameda finesse

You Control Your Own Speed and Cycle(Adjustable Controls)

I’d say it’s one of the great features. There are two separate knobs to adjust the speed and suction independently. This was pretty useful because I could turn speed knob to the middle and put the suction cycle on max. There are  8 suction levels and 4 cycles of speed.

FDA Approved

Allows to keep outside air and milk separate from each other. Ameda Finesse HygieniKit  is the only milk collection system approved by FDA.

Built – in Bottle Holders

Allows to keep milk bottles vertical upon milk expression to avoid spilling so you can do your favorite thing while pumping.


Ameda Finesse can be operated via AC adapter, Car Adapter or 6AA batteries. So you can pump-on-go. (Power adapter is included in a kit).

The Ameda Finesse Warranty

It is important to note that Ameda Finesse offers 1 year warranty. Please review the policy on their website:


For most of us price is really important key factor in a buying process. For this particular pump the price is average. Please review the product on Amazon here

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Just to summarize, finding a perfect pump isn’t easy. You want to make sure that you pump in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. No matter what  pump you choose, make sure it makes pumping easier for you.