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The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is a baby bassinet designed to help you sleep with your baby right next to you. This bassinet can also attach to your bed if you would like your baby close to you. While inside, your baby is very accessible to you. Created with the Clear-Vue, you can see your baby at all times with very little effort. It’s built with 4 wheels making it super easy to move around the room if you need to. On top of this it comes with a comfortable mattress that fits nice and tight inside of the bassinet. This bassinet is designed for parents looking to sleep close to their newborn and are looking to keep a close eye on the young one with out having to get out of the bed. Above all, this bassinet is priced reasonably low considering the features its equipped with. We think this bassinet is a great choice and highly recommend it.


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Our Review

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper bassinet was made due to a large demand in safe co sleeping. Many parents want to sleep with their baby with out exposing them to the risk of SIDS. A large catalyst for this demand came from extensive research showing the safest place to put a baby to sleep is in their own sleeping area.  The Arm’s Reach created a way to have your baby sleep close to you, with in reach and with in your sight. This helps you safely monitor their sleep knowing that you’re doing everything you can to prevent your baby from being exposed to unnecessary risk.

Connects To Bed

Aside from its clear value proposition, the Arm’s reach also comes packed with useful features. One of these features is that it is extremely accessible. We love the fact that this bassinet can connect to your bed. It really boosts its safety.

The way the Co-Sleeper connects with your bed is through a long adjustable strap that connects to the opposite side of your bed. This feature is more than just convenient, it’s safe. It makes sure that your bassinet doesn’t drift off with movement from your baby. The last thing you want is a gap between the bassinet and your bed where your baby can fall into.

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Adjustable Height

Not only does it have the ability to connect to your bed, but it also has a height adjustment to make sure it’s level with your bed. To get your Co-Sleeper to adjust height you simply adjust the legs of the bassinet. This feature is simple and easy to use. Above all it’s super useful. It really makes the bassinet become part

Storage Underneath Bassinet

When you’re waking up every three hours to change a diaper and feed your baby, extra storage can come in handy. Thankfully, the Co-sleeper comes with extra storage underneath the bed. Looks like some one built this bassinet with us parents in mind!

All Around Mesh for Visibility and Air Flow

Having a mesh fabric all around the bassinet is really useful because you can see through it, and it helps keep your baby cool on hot summer days. Some babies run hot, you’ll know it because they sweat or cry when you have too many clothes on them. This mesh really helps promote air flow through the bassinet. If you’re in colder climates this may not be so great, but it does help that you can see through the mesh and check in on your baby.

Breastfeed Easily

Having to feed your baby every three hours can take a lot of energy. It’s a lot more work if you have to stand up to get your baby out of the crib and feed him. The Co-Sleeper really makes it easy. If your baby begins to move his legs or cry signaling he’s ready for the breast then all you have to do is reach over and pick him up.

Picking him up to feed is half the battle. If you have a crib and have to get up after he has ate to put him in to sleep, well, that’s pretty tough. The Co-sleeper really solves this problem and is one of the main reasons why we love it.

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Comfort Your Baby With Little Effort

Having your baby sleeping right next to you just solves so many issues. If your baby begins to fuss, even when she’s not hungry, you can just reach over and comfort her. Some baby just want to know they’re close to mommy and daddy. A gentle tap on the back or rub of the head will make her feel comfortable and let her fall asleep sooner.

The Cons

Now that I’ve gone over all the benefits of this mattress let’s dig into some issues. First of all, there were some reported issues with the delivery of some of these bassinets, a few 1 star reviews on Amazon noted that the bassinet came with a few missing parts. That’s not good! Even thought that can happen with any product it’s still worth noting. Out of their 160 reviews only 18 (1%) were negative. They also offer a warranty to cover these types of issues.


The manufacturer offers a 180 day warranty, which can be found on the Amazon product listing. The warranty covers any malfunction, failure, or assembly issues. They have a phone number and address where you can reach them if you run into any issues.

Summary: Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Review

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is really a great bassinet for the money. It comes packed with nice features and is honestly one of the best bassinets out in the market right now. We highly recommend it for any parent interested in sleeping close to their baby safely.

Where to Buy

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Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper


  • Connects To Bed
  • Adjustable Height
  • Storage Underneath Bassinet
  • All Around Mesh for Visibility and Air Flow
  • Some Shipped with Missing Parts

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