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Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Review

The Baby Trend Expedition is one of the best jogging strollers you can get at such a low price point. This jogging stroller really provides a lot of value and is very budget friendly. The Expedition was very easy to use and maneuvers nicely over standard and rough terrain. It comes well equipped for the price. It’s parent console and child tray was a nice value add to an already well built stroller. One downfall with the Expedition is that it does not come with suspension. A lack in suspension will lead to discomfort if you decide to go for a run over heavy terrain. If you’re running on a sidewalk, this won’t be an issue. Overall this is a very well built stroller at a surprisingly low price. We strongly recommend this stroller for parents looking to hike, speed walk, or do light jogging, but it’s not well suited for a fast paced runner.

With over a quarter century of delivering high quality baby products, Baby Trend is a reputable brand name in the industry. They provide a long list of baby and juvenile products. Baby Trend is known to provide high quality products at very competitive prices.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller: Our Experience

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Works Well for Light Jogging

When we took out the Baby Trend Expedition for a test run we noticed right away how comfortable this stroller was for light jogging and walking. When we began to get up on higher running speeds we noticed the Expedition didn’t do too well. At such a low price, we honestly didn’t expect too much but it did outperform our initial expectation of this stroller. When it comes down to it, this stroller will work great if you’re looking to do light jogging or walking. If you’re a dedicated runner that likes to run fast, this stroller won’t be enough. You really can’t complain though, it’s a very good stroller for the price.

When we took it out for a jog, the stroller did a good job at staying in a straight path and not moving out of course. It’s feels sturdy and well built when you jog. Once you get up to higher speeds it gets harder to keep control of this stroller. Although, it is pretty easy to get the stroller back on course with a light push, but if you’re doing serious running this will wear you out faster.

Folding – Easy to do, Locks, and Self Stands

Folding the Expedition is a pretty easy task. It’s a simple two hand fold that is done by sliding the levers up and pulling the handle under the seat. Once folded you can engage the lock and it can even self stand. Folding the Expedition was one of the easiest folding experiences we’ve had in a while. Once folded the Expedition is compact and will fit in most vehicles.

Double Action Brakes

The Expedition comes equipped with double action brakes. To fully engage the brakes you’ll need to press both pedals. The pedals are pretty stiff so be sure to engage these with shoes on, we wouldn’t expect you to be running in sandals anyways.


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Large Storage Bin and Parent Console

This stroller has a nice, large storage bin under the seat. You can definitely fit a diaper bag and a few water bottles. Although it’s big, it can only carry 5 lbs, which is lower than average. We’re not sure why it’s so low considering how big it is. I’m sure you can fit a bit more than 5 lbs, but it’s just not recommended by the manufacturer.

On top of its large storage bin it also comes equipped with a closing storage area near the handlebar that can hold small items like keys. Right next to the closing storage area the stroller has two nice sized cup holders.

5 Point Harness – Easier to Use than Most

The 5 point harness on this stroller is easy to clip on and off. We’ve had trouble with other 5 point harnesses in the past but this one was a breeze. It’s easy to adjust the length and height of the straps. Although it doesn’t have padded straps, which can be a bit uncomfortable if you’re doing any serious running.


This stroller comes equipped with a pretty decent seat for your young one. It reclines nice and deep and the recliner is easy to use. The seat also has a ventilation option in case it’s hot. The ventilation can be covered if you need it to. Overall it’s a pretty well rounded seat.

Maneuvering – Well Above Average

When it came down to testing the maneuverability of this stroller the Expedition really shined. It maneuvered nicely around tight spaces. On flat surfaces it was really easy to turn and move the stroller around. We expect it to do very well on rough terrain because of how light it is and how easy it is to turn. Having a solid suspension also makes it easy to lift up the front wheel if you need to go over any bumps or a sidewalk.

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Non Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar isn’t adjustable. This may or may not be an issue for you. We know it can be a nice feature to be able to adjust the handlebar to suit your height.This also depends on your desired use. If you plan on doing heavy running you’ll want to have the handlebar at the perfect height to extend your stamina.

No Suspension

Not having suspension can be viewed as a good or a bad thing. On the bright side, fixed strollers tend to provide a solid ride on smooth surfaces like sidewalks. On the other hand any light bumps will definitely be felt by the passengers.

Summary – Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

Overall the Baby Trend Expedition is a great stroller for light joggers. It’s priced well below the competition and outperforms many strollers that cost twice as much. The Expedition is not well suited for heavy runners, but will be perfect for anyone looking for a well priced stroller packed with features.