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Best Bike Trailer for Kids

Best Bike Trailers for Kids – Our Top Picks

When you’re looking for a fun way to tow the kids around on your bike, you need the best bike trailer you can get. Having the right bike trailer can be a great way of getting the entire family out on a nice, sunny day. With so many potential choices out there it can take some significant research to find the right one. Each bike trailer is equipped with specific components like storage capacity, adjustable suspension, and terrain recommendations. The unique features of each bike trailer can make a huge difference depending on your desired use and application. We took a deep look into the best bike trailers out there, researched each specific one, and created this detailed comparison. We went through the entire comparison process with the you, the end user, in mind.

There are many hobbies that you want your whole family to enjoy. If biking is one of them, you’ll need the right bike trailer to bring the young ones along.

High End Trailers

Burley D’Lite – Best Bike Trailer

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  • Many Possible Uses and Applications
  • Compact when folded
  • Roomy interior
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Lightweight – 28 lbs


  • Somewhat hard to fold at first
  • Switching attachments isn’t easy

The Burley D’Lite is one of the best bike trailers for kids on the market right now. Our reviewers were all impressed with its performance and overall build. It can be used for many different applications including, biking, jogging, cross country, skiing, and of coarse, a bike trailer. Whenever you’re not using the Burley you can store it with a simple and compact fold.

The interior is roomier than almost all of the trailers we reviewed. That extra space will always come in handy. If you ever decide to not use the Burley for your children you can simply fold down the seats to create a flat surface and haul practically anything. This feature adds a new set of use and value to this bike trailer. You can basically use this bike trailer for anything you can fit inside.

best bike trailer for kids, child or baby good reviews
most bike trailers will also convert into a stroller

When we test rode this trailer we noticed it was a fairly smooth ride. The large wheels ride over any type of terrain including big rocks and mud. Its adjustable suspension adds to the smoothness of its ride. We know this is probably one of the more important features. A smooth ride will let you ride longer and more comfortable.

Even though this is one of the top trailers on the market, and one of our favorites, there were a few minor details that could’ve been better. For starters, it’s not super easy to fold at first. We know it’ll get easier as you get used to it but it’s probably best to practice a few times before taking it out on a trip. Also, the attachments aren’t easy to add and install. This of course becomes easier as you go but we’d like it if it were a bit more intuitive than the way it is now.

Overall this Burley D’Lite is a great bike trailer for kids. There are many available applications to this trailer and we love that you can fold down the seats to tow anything you can fit inside. It’s a well rounded, mid-grade bike trailer that can be enjoyed for years.

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Hamax Outback Multi-Sport – Most Comfortable Bike Trailer

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  • Roomy Interior
  • Super Comfortable Seats and Ride
  • Can Carry Older Kids
  • Easy to use and attach


  • Heavier Than Other Bike Trailers – 40 lbs
  • Bigger and Bulkier than most

Hamax Outback, based out of Norway recently added the outback to their reputable list of bike trailers. This trailer bike trailer is more luxurious and comfortable than almost all of the other products we tested. The most notable feature of this bike trailer are the seats. The seats in the Outback come equipped with extra padding and are a couple inches wider and taller than most trailers on the market. This seat is a great choice if you want to use it for older kids, or have kids that are taller/bigger.

What makes this bike trailer even more comfortable is it’s larger wheels, adjustable suspension, and reinforced frame. This bike trailer rides like a luxury car. Your kids will love the comfort provided by this bike trailer. If you’re a parent that likes to ride for long hours, this bike trailer is a perfect fit.

Another great feature of this bike trailer is that changing activities has never been easier. All you have to do is click out and click in the new attachment. It gets even easier because the attachments are all color coded. When you’re out on a trip with the kids, the last thing you want to do is juggle attachments until you find the right one. When it comes time to use, you’ll notice the difference with this bike trailer.

Alright, now let’s go over some of the issues with this stroller. First of all, it’s pretty heavy. Weighing in at 40 lbs, it’s 5-10 lbs heavier than all of the other trailers we reviewed. If you enjoy biking uphill, this’ll be a problem. It’s also taller and wider than all of the other bike trailers we tested. This makes it tough to move through tight spaces and go over certain turns on heavier terrain. On top of that, when you fold the trailer it really doesn’t get much smaller. Also the seats don’t fold like the Burley D’Lite, so you really can’t tow much else aside from the kids.

This stroller would work best for parents looking for a comfortable ride for their kids and would like to use it even when their kids get older.

Thule Chariot Lite – Best Multi Sport Bike Trailer

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  • Great Build
  • Converts easily
  • Fully Weatherproof


  • High Price

When you’re looking for high quality outdoor gear, Thule comes to mind. The Thule Chariot Lite is the less expensive than other Thule bike trailers which cost well over $1,000. Although it’s their least expensive option it doesn’t come short on quality. One of the most notable features of the Thule Chariot is that it can be transformed from a bike trailer into a stroller, jogger, and even a ski sled. It’s the true solution for any parent that loves the outdoors.

The Chariot is completely weatherproof. So if you decide to take this bike trailer out in the rain or even snow, your kids will be covered. To make this feature even better, the Thule has lots of ventilation. This means you can really use this bike trailer all year long. When it comes down to folding it and putting it away the Thule is practical and easy to fold. With a two step folding system it’s much easier than other trailers we tested.

One issue we noticed with this bike trailer is that there is some feedback when you tow the trailer. This might be due to the fact that it doesn’t come equipped with adjustable suspension. At this price point that’s a bit of an issue because other bike trailers, like the Burley D’Lite, come with adjustable suspension at a lower price point. Another downside to this trailer is that the seats don’t come with nearly as much padding as other trailers we reviewed.

Overall this stroller is very nice and can be used in many applications but for such a high price point we expected a bit more from this carrier. It’s one of the most expensive bike trailers in our review but it lacks many important features and it’s not the smoothest ride. We think you might be better off getting paying a bit more to get Thule Chariot Cross or keeping money in your pocket and getting the Burley D’Lite.

Young family cycling with best bike trailer and kid inside of the top bicycle trailer
Beautiful young family with baby in jogging stroller cycling outside in autumn nature

Burley Encore

This is a great bike trailer that is going to make sure that it, along with your children will almost never be damaged. The trailer almost looks like a miniature tent and has a lot of comfort to make sure that the children have a very comfortable ride. There is a lot of padding to make sure that the children have a positive experience as well as being really safe for them. There are perforated screens, as well as plastic screens. The perforated screen help to make sure that the child aren’t overly humid when traveling with you on a sunny day. The plastic screens work to make sure that you are protected on rainy days.

The wheels are of great quality and can potentially last decades for you. You can lower the suspension to make a ride that fits your preferences to take your kids in. This is also going to be a lot easier to clean if your children happen to spill their food. The drain holes work to make sure that rain or other liquids get out and there isn’t much to clean. You can still do all the things that you would be able to do with other trailers. If you want to have a stroll you can do that, if you want to go biking, you can also enjoy that opportunity and take your kids along for the ride.

Even 91.6 million miles away, the sun can be really intense and troublesome for people on Earth. Staring directing into it for long enough will blind anyone. This is a big deal because infants don’t know that and there is a UV screen to protect them because of that. The sun is so intense that it’s almost impossible to block all of it, but it can block enough so that your child’s eyes aren’t hurt from looking at it in the trailer.

Thule Cheetah

This trailer is a great option if you want to be able to take multiple infants in a trailer at once. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it’s really strong and is going to take a lot of force to make any substantial impact. On top of that, you’ll be able to hook it on to a bike or some other method of transportation so that it can be pulled by people. The experience can be quite daunting at first glance. It’s above average, but is well worth for what you are getting in return

The handle bar allows you to have a lot of control over your children. Despite that it can be a really strong trailer and feel somewhat heavy, you won’t have to struggle all that much when you just want to maneuver where your children are going to go. There is a bicycle kit along with a strolling kit, which is going to let you take your kids with you if you plan on running. This can be significantly more expensive, but it’s a great option if you just want to be able to take your kids with you.

Safety is the number one priority, so much so in fact your infants will probably feel like they are in a mini vehicle. The chances of them being injured if something dangerous were to actually happen are very slim. The structure of the trailer is very well crafted and even if the actual structure of the trailer were to bend or crack, it would take a significant amount of extra force to be able to hurt your children. Whether it’s biking, jogging, or just taking your children in the city for a stroll, they will happily enjoy the ride.

Senior woman and grandchildren in jogging child trailer stroller best bike trailer not biking

Mid Range Bike Trailers

Burley Bee Bike Trailer – Best Value

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  • Lightest Bike Trailer – 20 lbs
  • Simple to Attatch
  • Lots of Room Inside


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Can only be used as bike trailer

The Burley Bee comes in as the best bike trailer for the price. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a simple bike trailer on a budget. This trailer comes packed with features and is simple to use. To top this off, it’s roughly half the price of the average bike trailer. Another nice benefit we noticed after using it is that the Burley Bee is easy to use. It hitches onto your bike without a problem.

It’s important to note that the Burley Bee only has one function. This might be an issue if you are looking to use your bike trailer as a jogging stroller, or with Ski attachments. If you’re simply looking for a bike trailer, this would work well. We also noticed that the Burley Bee isn’t the most comfortable out there. This is because its seats come with minimal padding. Also, it has no suspension and the footing is plain and not reinforced like other bike trailers we’ve seen.

Overall the Burley Bee is a nicely designed trailer for such a low price point. It stands out when compared to other bike trailers in the same price range. It does have a few drawbacks, but when you consider the price it seems like a fair trade off.



This trailer has one of the lightest weights that you could possibly ask for. It weighs at only around 24lbs or 11 kgs which isn’t a very heavy weight. Even to people with a smaller frame, being able to push this for multiple hours is no problem. Some weight is good, because it allows the trailer to have proper structure. Pushing and object is going to take a lot less effort than lifting, especially if it has wheels on it too. If you’re going to hook your bike onto it, there are some features that allow you to do so.

This is a stroller, but it can easily be converted into a jogger in no time. Even though the features that allow you to be confident that your children to be safe are there, there is even more that allows the child to have a good ride. It’s a two seater, which will let you take the both of them on a ride at the same time. On top of that, there are helmet relief cushions that will allow them to not hit their heads when there is a sudden stop.

The trailer retails for a lot less than some of the options that you are going to pay for. There is a plastic cover on the sides so that your children are protected from the weather or anything else that could possibly endanger them. The towbar is made out of steel, which is incredibly strong and will make sure that you and child are always protected if you choose to bike. It’s a metal that will be heavier, but will make sure that it will almost never rust or break on you. There are also two aluminum hitches that can be a little troublesome the first time you install them.


Entry Level Bike Trailers

Schwinn Echo Kids Double Tow

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  • Low Price
  • Nice Ride considering price
  • Lightweight – 24 lbs
  • Average sized interior


  • Not the best ride
  • Thin fabric

The Schwinn Echo won for the best bike trailer on a budget in our review. This bike trailer comes equipped with full sized 20 inch tires. Many bike trailers at this price point come with plastic tires. The large tires and metal rims provide a smoother ride than other bike trailers with similar pricing. Another nice feature of this bike trailer is attaching the stroller to our bike was pretty easy. We also liked how simple it was.

Minor issues we noticed with this bike trailer is that the seats are really basic and uncomfortable. If you plan on going on long rides with the kids this bike trailer won’t work very well. Also, the fabric is very thin. If you live in an area that gets heavy rain or snow you might want to consider other options. At such a low price point, it’s a great deal if you’re not looking for the best ride.

Allen Premium Aluminum 2 – Best Mid Price Bike Trailer

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The Allen is another great choice for parents on a budget. It sits on large 20’’ rims and provides a smoother ride than the Schwinn listed above. It also comes with deep pockets to hold drinks and food on your ride.

Once we got our hands on this bike trailer we noticed that the interior is smaller than other trailers we reviewed. It’s also heavier than other similar strollers. This is off set by the nicer ride it provides. We’re pretty sure the extra weight is due to the upgraded suspension.

This trailer is one of the best options to take out during the Spring. It has a sporty look to it which is going to allow you to look to put in some items that you may deem relevant to your trip. It’s great to take on trails even if there are puddles because the plastic screens are going to work and make sure that none of the water gets on your infants. The quality isn’t as premium as some other options, but it’s good enough to get the job done

The towbar is going to connect to most bikes, meaning that if there’s a really long trail, you’ll be able to take your children on that entire trail. The safety features are also really good for your children. There’s a foot guard that attaches to the foot of the child which makes sure that it isn’t hurt. The foot can be a really sensitive part of the body even at a young age. Even at a young age, hurting a child’s toe nail really badly can stay with them for decades.

The towbar is made out of aluminum, which is a solid option if you don’t plan on using the trailer for that long. Aluminum is a lighter metal, but has less durability and rusts easier than a metal such as steel. It’s going to let you take both children simultaneously and it comes on the heavier side at 36.3 lbs or 16.4 kgs. This can be be a problem if you plan to ride with your children at miles at a time. The exhaustion will start to kick in just a few hours. This may be something you have to consider when purchasing this trailer.

kid in bike trailer best bike trailers for kids

Thule Cadence

This trailer is a bit smaller and that shouldn’t be a problem for most people. Many infants or even toddlers aren’t going to be that big, and the exception will be the ones that happen to not fit into this trailer. There are two wheels and a flag. The flag will definitely be a big indicator that this trailer is yours if you happen to misplace it while walking. It’s a great experience for children who happen to be in the trailer, even at events.

The screens that protect the two children happen to be perforated, which is great if it’s a very humid day. A plastic cover would make the inside of the trailer sweatier and cause stress for the infants on a hot day. The plastic cover can also be used for rainy days when you want to take them out. Some days might be sunny and then it can instantly be come a rainy day in the blink of an eye. Having that plastic cover is a welcome option to people who spend a lot of time with their kids outside.

This trailer weighs 28 lbs or 12.7 kgs and costs $329.95. There are a lot of accessories that you can use based on the different activities that you happen to be doing. There is a bicycle kit that you can attach the back wheel of your bicycle. This trailer is really easy to fold and transport if no one happens to be in it. Even though it’s one of the budgeted options, there is still a lot of build quality in making a great trailer. It’s really great at accommodating children of most sizes even if they happen to be wearing a helmet.

Clevr Deluxe 3-1 2 seat bicycle bike trailer

This trailer is the cheapest option on this list, but it’s still great to consider because of all of its great qualities. There are three different wheels that you can take at almost any time. This almost guarantees that it’s impossible for you and your children to lose balance. The trailer sits at a really low height, but you can do just about anything with this trailer that you can do with others. The flag helps as an way to identify that this trailer is yours. It’s a solid option for a budget.

There is a perforated screen to make sure that the children can breathe as well as making sure that there is a plastic screen available for your children. The quality really exceeds in certain areas of the stroller. It’s going to sit lower than a lot of the stroller than you see, but it’s still going to be really safe. The bottom part is very sturdy and isn’t going to fall apart on you. The other parts look much flimsier and they are likely going to be a lot easier to fall apart you should be fine. Even if it was going to fall apart it would need to take a lot of time for something like that to happen.

You can still use a lock and some hinges and attach them to your bike. You can still put them in a stroller and walk them around the city or the park. The experience for the children is likely going to not be as good because they are at a lower position. The seats are likely not going to be as comfortable, but the most important features are taken care. Not many strollers look like this so it should be easier for you if you happen to lose it, to be able to identify it at a moment’s notice.

Weehoo iGo Two

This stroller has the most unique look out of any of the stroller that you are going to find. It doesn’t come with any sort of structure or screens for your children. All there is, is seats and bags to make sure that your infants can put whatever they want in those bags. 2 people can be on there and the weight limit is incredibly high and more than likely won’t even be a thought of concern. There is a cargo capacity of 19 Liters which allows you to be able to have a lot of volume for what you are carrying.

There are covers on the top of the seats which is going to allow for shade, but overall, this is going to protect them from most of the experiences. The children still need to wear helmets, but they are actually allowed to be part of the experience by pedaling along with the bicyclist. Sometimes, you are definitely going to need that support because this trailer is a lot heavier than the other ones at 44.7 lbs or 20.3 kgs.

There are buckled seats to make sure that the children are strapped in. It won’t get tangles or anything else like that when you are sitting in the chair. It is also recommended that you get helmets along with the trailer that you buy. What’s most important is that it’s connected securely to your bike. This gives you a great experience that you can’t get almost anywhere else. Being able to take your children and have them support your on these rides is something that’s worth the purchase.

Questions you may ask yourself

You want to make sure that their child is safe from danger. It’s a feeling that many of them take for granted because it’s something that would give them so much stress if you actively thought about it. That’s why it’s the jobs of those who manufacture the trailers to do many safety tests so that you, as parents, never have to worry about their children inside of them.

In some rarer instances, the mother may have had twins, almost making it mandatory to keep an eye on both of them at all times. Thankfully, there are a lot of trailers that will make sure you can take both of your kids in one trailer.

This is so you can take care of both of your infants at the same time. Trailers have been through a lot of tests to make sure that they’re really hard to damage and that your children are comfortable.

Do You Need a Single Or Double Trailer?

This comes down to your personal family. Most of the trailers have double trailers in case you happen to have twins, however in some instances, you may have an only child and can save money on a single trailer.

Do you want a trailer for more than just biking?

Biking can be a lot of fun, but some people prefer a slower experience that allows you to see all the things that a particular place has to offer. You may also happen to cause some uncomfortable bumps on the road for your infants.

What’s your budget?

$500 seems to be a great budget for you and your significant other who want to go on adventures with their children. You won’t be able to get the most premium options, but you will be able to get great trailers that you allow both of your children to have great experiences.

Where will you be riding?

Sidewalks and trails are the best option. They are usually as flat as you can reasonably get and you are more likely to trip in fall if you decide to walk on grass.

Do you need storage?

Not everyone needs storage, but it’s nice to have if you happen to be at an event or any other place where you get to pick up items.

Will you ride up hills?

You absolutely can ride up hills if there happens to be a sidewalk or something else that you can use to make the ground flat. However, this is not recommended if you happen if you’re going on grass.

How old is your baby?

The infant who rides in the trailer can in between the ages of 12 to 18 months in most cases. However, there are trailers that allow you to take a child in between the ages of 2-9 years with you.