Best Travel High Chair

Best High Chair For Traveling

Let’s face it; we’re hit with so many choices that you see every day, on the internet, and in parent magazines. What’s the best travel high chair, and as usual, everyone has their favorite pick. What about us? Isn’t it hard enough to find the right choice with so many products on the market already? Which portable high chair is the right choice for us?

Cute little baby sitting in a high chair happy after being fed by her mother

We’ve had a chance to check all the latest products and sorted through the good and bad. Here’s what we found for you and your little ones. These top-pick suggestions give you a quick no-frills review of the easiest portable highchairs and boosters you’ll ever need to know about.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

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Important features

• The exact features you want for a full-size chair in half that size

• Customize the seating functions with 2 height selections and 3 reclining positions

• Adjusts the height and stomach straps as your baby grows

• Backseat and feeding tray are fully removable

• 5-point secure fasteners keep your baby safe

• Dishwasher safe feeding tray

Pros and Cons


 Simple to assemble

 Fits on any size kitchen chair

Great for kids up to 2 years

The seat cushion can be machine washed

Handles on feeding tray to attach bibs or toys and for handling


Can be tough to clean along the inside of the seat

Straps can be hard to clean

May not fit under all dining table edges

Some baby foods and liquids can stain seat cover

This is a great space-saving portable highchair for nearly any family that likes an easy solution to feed their kids. Babies and toddlers fit right into this chair in seconds, and the straps hold them comfortably too. What’s nice is the height adjustment can be set as your kid grows, making this perfect if you’ve more kids. Go figure, kids are messy- and everything on this highchair can be cleaned or washed in seconds.

Be sure to keep that baby wipes handy; it makes spills and food blobs disappear quickly enough. And if you’re taking this high chair along with you, it fits back together in seconds. Even though some tables don’t allow the food tray to fit underneath, the tray can be removed. This lets you bring your kid closer to you. Straps clean-up perfectly if you run a wet wipe over a couple of times, for messier clean-up use a kitchen sponge.

Our Dollar Rating: $$ -moderate

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FAQ’s About Spacesaver high chair

What age can a baby use this high chair?

The beauty of this chair is that you can start using it when your baby can sit up on their own. For some toddlers and even young kids, up to 2 or older can fit into the chair later on.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

We’ve found this chair is incredible at being a real space saver. Especially if you live in a smaller apartment, townhouse, or crowded family house, this highchair fits right in!

Are the straps on these high chairs safe?

Yes. There are only two straps that wrap around any kind of chair and keeps the seat snug in place. They’re adjustable, so setting them to other size chairs just takes a cinch or two to fix.

Things to consider when buying this product:

  1. Weight. At just under 7 pounds, this lightweight solution is perfect for on-the-go needs and practical handling at home.
  2. Ease of use. Easy to clean, easy to assemble, and easy on the pocketbook.
  3. Safety and quality. Fisher-Price is a quality name brand that every parent can agree on offers excellent baby and child products. You can’t ask for more.
  4. Easy to travel. You can bet this breaks down in seconds and is ready to go. Perfect for those trips to Grandma’s house.
  5. Durability

The highchair’s molded plastic is pretty tough despite the actual thickness you can see. Most parents will be comforted knowing that it’s BPA free too. This line of SpaceSaver High Chairs can last one kid after another.

The Original Easy Seat Portable High Chair

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Important features

• This portable high chair that can be taken everywhere you go. No assembly required.

• Fits right over the back of any kind of kitchen chair, with One Secure Click feature

• No need to fuss with chair straps, one wrap-around strap clicks in place, adjusting with a gentle pull.

• 5-point safety harness ensures that your baby is comfortably seated in just 4 secure safety snaps.

• Machine-washable seat cover and carry-all bag.

Pros and Cons


Perfect for mom’s on-the-go

Shoulder straps keep kids from getting out of the chair

Easy cleaning means throwing into the washer for those messy eating days

Perfect choice for a space-saving portable high chair


Can only fit onto a chair that has a backrest

Not suitable for bulky chairs with backrest

High backrest chairs are not suitable, your kid will hang from that extra height

This portable high chair is a real practical win for traveling and on-the-go Moms. Going to the restaurant or friend’s houses, even to the Grandparents, is made easy. This fabric slip-over seating solution fits into your diaper tote bag too. Clean-up is made easier since you can throw it right into the washer, and it’ll be ready by the next feeding time.

We recommend that you choose a short backrest since taller backrests don’t let your baby sit securely on the seat. Bulkier chairs make attaching the straps more difficult, be sure your chairs are compatible with this seat cover. You can rest easier knowing that the shoulder straps keep a very wiggly kid in place. When time is important, setting this instant high chair is as simple as it gets.

 Our Dollar Rating: $ – cheap

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FAQ’s about portable easy Seat

What age can a baby use this high chair?

Depending on how your baby is progressing, even 4 months can sit upright on their own. As long as they can hold up their head is a perfect time to use this product. They are not recommended for babies over 35lbs. No more than 3-4 years of age.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

It goes everywhere and anywhere you need to bring it. As long as there is a mid-range backrest on any conventional sitting chair, it can work for you. You might even consider buying two since the cost is affordable enough to have more than just one — the best pick when you need to travel light.

Are the straps on these high chairs safe?

Safety is on your side with this design. Four strap points lock your baby or toddler upright. The shoulder straps keep them from standing up or falling off the side of the chair. The additional seat straps secure your child comfortably at the back of the chair likewise.

Things to consider when buying this product

  1. Weight. At only 5.3 ounces, you might have had a tuna salad sandwich that was heavier! This super-lightweight item folds-up into its carry bag and goes into the rest of your diaper bag goodies.
  2. Ease of use. Take it out, pull-over chair, seat you baby, and strap-in. It’s that simple, no more time wasted.
  3. Safety and quality. Cozy Cover makes safety as easy as it gets to ensure your baby is not slipping out of their seat. The 5-point safety harness is effective and made of high-quality fabric material. Machine washing, this fabric holds up for years.
  4. Easy to travel. This product was specially made for those who travel a lot. The practical design makes setting up anywhere with any backed chair fast and thought-free. Packs away neatly in any carry bag.
  5. Durability. Made to last when you consider that machine washers can reduce clothing over time. This resistant cloth fabric is sewn exceptionally well with extra stitching along with all strapping points.

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair for Travel

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Important features:

• A clever portable folding high chair that unfolds and folds-up in seconds

• Made from durable Nylon, it makes a lightweight carry-on anywhere you go

• Perfect for your busy travel needs and comes with its carry bag with shoulder strap

• Comes with a 5-point child safety harness approved by (ASTM) and (CPSIA) safety authorities

• Perfect for sitting babies and kids up to 3 years or more.

• Vinyl tray cover lets you clean up messes quickly.

Pros and Cons


A great solution for traveling where a regular baby seat isn’t practical

Has a back headrest built in to give baby and toddler head support

Easy to open and close, and has its bag to put your folded high chair into.

Nylon rods will outlast competitor brands with aluminum rods for several years

Keeps your baby safe and stable with a 5-point safety harness


Vinyl food trap can bow in the middle because of your kid’s weight. Use self-stick Velcro on both sides of their serving tray (on the bottom) to solve this design fluke.

Leg openings might not be big enough for larger babies

More suitable for family outing trips, camping, or park picnics.

May not be good sitting next to many tables, this highchair is lower to the ground.

A cool design that’s best for outdoor activities and when you don’t want to bring a stroller. In addition to unfolding quickly, it gives you all the highchair needs for babies and kids alike. The built-in head support is a nice touch too. The vinyl tray is pretty flexible, and heavier toddlers will have food falling into their lap, if you affix their food tray with Velcro tape, you can avoid this problem easily.

While the practical end of this chair is limited to outdoor activities with your family. Indoor usage may be a problem if you don’t mind the shorter height difference from your kitchen table. Larger growing babies might have issues with the leg holes, but the safety harness is well done. Overall, it’s good for travel, and it is a bit pricey for some family budgets.

Our Dollar Rating: $$$ – expensive

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FAQ’s about chio!portable baby portable high chair for travel


What age can a baby use this high chair?

Once your baby is sitting up with no trouble, from 4-6 months, then you can use this chair. It can support kids up to three years of age or a maximum of 35lbs.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

Given that this design is great for some, the best usage is going to be on-the-go with friends in the park, at BBQs, and even tailgate parties.

Are straps on this high chair safe?

The amount of safety checks that this highchair passed is a nice touch. It was approved by the “American Society for Testing and Materials”, “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act”. In addition to EU European high chair safety standards.

Things to consider when buying this product

  1. Weight. Total weight on this model is 7.4 pounds, but it does come with a handy carrying sack.
  2. Ease of use. This highchair sets-up in seconds and folds away just as easy. You’ll also find that latch locks will secure the high chair, so it never unfolds by accident.
  3. Safety and quality. If you’re concerned about keeping your kid safe, the 5-point strap set-up keeps them from crawling out or standing up.
  4. Easy to travel. You’ll also like that the travel pouch is perfect to stash into the trunk of your car and carry over your shoulder. It even fits easily into the overhead baggage compartment on airplanes.
  5. Durability. Unlike other high chairs that offer aluminum tubes for support, this model maximizes strength by using stiff nylon rods. The fabric is soft yet surprisingly durable.

Airtushi- Inflatable Portable Baby High Chair Booster

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Important features

• Improved design that keeps the inflated sides more stiff, the toddler won’t fall out.

• Featuring a fully padded surface with built-in air vents to keep your baby cooler.

• Blows up and deflates into a small, convenient bundle. It also has a carry bag to store it.

• Sits in nearly any backrest chair with easy attaching straps to secure it.

• It’s easy to clean, making those messy times more manageable.

Pros and Cons


Blows up with 4 big breaths of air

Great for travel wherever you go

Ideal as an instant high chair booster for both babies and toddlers

Straps to any kind of seat with backing in seconds

Stores easily in stroller carry pouches, in travel bags and diaper bags

Comes with adjustable leg and waist snaps


May have rough plastic edges

Smaller babies may need an additional pillow to support them in place

Sharp objects can damage this blow-up high chair, be careful of toys with pointy parts

One of the best parts about this inflatable booster chair is how fast it can be used. With four big breathes of air, it’s ready to be used. Just drop your kid in and fasten the combo leg and waist straps. This has two valves to blow and deflate to storing it fast and simple. Smaller babies may need extra padding, so they fit better in the seat.

We suggest you add a blanket to cover any kind of rough plastic spots that your toddler may find. Especially avoid pointy toys or objects that can damage the inflatable plastic skin. When you’re traveling, this booster chair is perfectly useful when packing is a concern. And since this product is plastic, cleanup is made easier since it only needs wiping down.

Our Dollar Rating: $$ -moderate

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FAQ’s about airtushi

What age can a baby use this high chair?

This product is recommended for babies who are 6 months up through 3 years old. The size can be a concern if your toddler is not big enough to sit in this chair. Try using a small pillow behind their back.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

You’ll be happy with how little space this deflated high chair takes-up. It’s especially useful on family trips or just going to visit the Grandparents for a day.

Are the straps on this high chair safe?

We’re sure the simplicity of the combo leg and waist strap will keep your kids safe enough. As usual, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them from trying to stand up.

Things to consider when buying this product

  1. Weight. At only 1.54lbs, this portable booster highchair packs away neatly in its carry bag.
  2. Ease of use. If you can blow up a balloon, then this innovative inflatable highchair is a great choice for you.
  3. Safety and quality. You can rest easier knowing they have improved the side pockets to be more rigid. Kids won’t fall over by accident and keep them upright and comfy.
  4. Easy to travel. You can pack this away in any kind of bag; it fits anywhere. Especially when you’re traveling on a train, plane, or in the park.
  5. Durability. We feel that inflatable products can be a concern, but not a danger to your baby. As long as you treat this blow-up booster seat well, it can last for years.

Peg Perego Rialto

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Important features

• Offers 5 different height settings

• The seat folds up into the backing for quick storage

• Three-point safety harness that can be adjusted quickly

• This has a removable plastic tray that’s dishwasher safe

•The cushions are durable soft upholstery that can be wiped clean

• Built to be tough and is great for kids up to 45 pounds

Pros and Cons


Comes with its storage bag complete with shoulder strap

Assembles quickly and attaches to all standard chairs with a backrest

Has cushioned feet to prevent skidding on smooth chair surfaces

Raises and lowers as your kid grows older

The food tray removes quickly to put in or take out your toddler.


Good for toddlers 9 months and up only

Maybe too pricey for some, though the quality makes up for it

Some spots on the seat can be troublesome to remove crumbs or sticky liquids

3-point safety strap can be tricky, especially for kids that like to stand up.

If you want to combine luxury with fine Italian style, this adjustable highchair is just for you. They’ve added five different settings to adjust the height as your child grows. And it folds-down to take it with you on many kinds of family trips. This model cleans up easy and can be attached to chairs with a backrest within seconds. They even added little foot bumpers, so it doesn’t skid around!

And though it’s meant for kids that are 9 months old, this durable highchair is worth the money you’ll pay. You’ll also how comfortable kids are, but still, keep an eye on that 3-point safety harness for restless kids. It features a great removable food tray that attaches to the folded up seat, saving you storage space.

Our Dollar Rating: $$$ – expensive

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FAQ’s about peg perego

What age can a baby use this high chair?

Most parents won’t be pleased that this chair is meant for toddlers that are 9 months. It’s made for kids that are growing up to 3 or more years.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

The construction is very good, with lots of added perks. With 5 height adjustments and soft cushioned padding, your kid will love it.

Are the straps on high chairs safe?

Why shouldn’t you worry about your child’s safety? The 3-point safety harness helps keep them sitting, but sometimes you still need to make sure they don’t wiggle out.

Things to consider when buying the product

  1. Weight. This weight a total of 6.6lbs, which is pretty light for such a well constructed high chair
  2. Ease of use. You can set this high chair up in seconds, and everything folds up to fit into the custom carry bag.
  3. Safety and quality. We’re sure that this Italian designed highchair is practical for safety but also built for maximum kid comfort too.
  4. Easy to travel. You’ll only need to pack it away when necessary, so it makes a great addition to your home. The lightweight and durable design make it perfect for storing in the trunk of your car.
  5. Durability. If your kids are growing up fast, this highchair can handle up to 45lbs and still be adjusted to stable height positions.

Phil & Teds Lobster Clip-On Highchair

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Important features

• Compact and super-light aluminum frame with comfy back support and shoulder harness straps

• Adjustable aluminum non-slip grips for indoor and outdoor use

• Safe design for babies that are 3 months to 3 years up to 37 pounds

• The sturdy food tray is dishwasher safe

• Small enough to stash into any diaper bag or even under your stroller storage bin

Pros and Cons


Deep seat ensures your baby stays inside the highchair safe and sound

Fits table thicknesses from 0.8”-3.75”

Coated aluminum leaves no scratches and is non-slip

Rounded bucket design prevent food spills more often

Also doubles as a great cat bed if your kid outgrows this model

Shoulder straps are a real plus in keeping kids from crawling out


Leg holes may be a problem for growing kids

May not secure well for a rounded table, best for square or rectangle tables

Will not fit with tables that are bracing close to the edge

Food tray does not lock into place

We believe this is a great product for compact design and versatile usage. It’s perfect for parents who don’t want to hassle with a standard high chair. This lightweight alternative clamps onto the edge of a table, providing a safe hassle-free feeding time for your baby. As soon as your baby can sit up on their own, they’re ready for this take-anywhere high chair.

You’ll enjoy the built-in shoulder straps that keep your little one secure until you take them out. The Lobster clip-on design works great on any kind of table, yet fitted closely to make it 100% effective. May not fit some table designs that are too round or have bracing near the edge. This is practical for busy families like to go to places. You’ll find this portable high chair is great for the park and on trips.

Our Dollar Rating: $$$ – expensive

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FAQ’s phil & ted lobster clip-on chair

What age can a baby use this high chair?

You can be happier that this model allows younger infants from 3 months who are already sitting up. The best part is they can enjoy this highchair until they’re 3 years old.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

You can take this anywhere that a tabletop is available. As long as the clamps fit onto the edge, feeding time is simplified. It’s also compact and fits in a diaper bag.

Are clamps on this high chair safe?

We can assure you that these shoulder straps will keep your baby safer than most standard 3-point straps.

Things to consider when buying the product

  1. Weight. It’s only 3.8 pounds and comes with its carry bag.
  2. Ease of use. You’ll find that it’s very easy to set up in a matter of seconds. Slip onto a table and tighten the clamps.
  3. Safety and quality. One good thing we’ve noticed is the non-slip grip for this model. You’ll never worry about it coming loose with this rubberized coating. This stylish design also features non-rusting aluminum that you’ll appreciate.
  4. Easy to travel. It can pack away in an overnight bag, diaper bag, or under the stroller. It easily goes where you go.
  5. Durability. If you want a solid and sturdy high chair for your family, this Lobster clamp-on is worth having around for that second or third kid on the way.

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster


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Important features

• A super-light folding frame that unfolds when it’s feeding or even playtime

• Features a detachable (BPA free) plastic food tray

• Durable enough for indoor/outdoor use and comes complete with a carry sack

• Comes with a standard 3-point safety harness and additional chair straps

• Perfect for travel and on-the-go parents

Pros and Cons


Opens up instantly and is best suited for outdoor fun with the family

Rubberized bottom feet keep highchair from slipping

Food tray stays firmly in place until you want to remove it

Compact enough to fit into a stroller or diaper bag

Excellent for traveling


Chair straps are separate, so you’ll need always to attach them to secure it to any chair

Internal straps may be attached differently than in the picture, return it quickly if they appear odd

There is no locking clamp to keep the seat from folding in on itself

Safety clasps on straps are tricky to open and close

As active as your family might be, this portable baby chair is perfect for those who love the outdoors. This fold-up chair instantly transforms into a seat that can be placed anywhere. The stain-resistant fabric makes cleanup fast and easy. It comes with a solid food tray that stays put until you take it off. And the compact design is great for taking with you in strollers, backpacks or duffle bags.

The attaching straps can be fussy and need to be secured for the 3-point harness to work best. If you’re a cautious parent, you might want to add your shoulder straps. And even though there is no locking mechanism to keep it unfolded, there is little risk of being harmed. The weight of your kid is enough to keep it in the open position.

Our Dollar Rating: $$ -moderate

FAQ’s pop and seat portable booster

What age can a baby use this high chair?

Any infant that’s old enough to sit up on their own is perfect for this portable highchair. Also, you can use this chair until they are 3 years old or reaching 37 pounds.

What’s the best part of this portable high chair?

We love the portability options that come from taking your kid anywhere. If you like camping or a day at the park, this is right for you.

Are straps on this high chair safe?

The downside to 3-point safety straps means you need to be extra watchful of your child. You can install shoulder straps easily enough using straps from a fabric store.

Things to consider when buying the product

  1. Weight. This model weighs only 4.5 pounds and packs easily in a compact bag, diaper bag, and under your stroller. There’s also a strap to carry over your shoulder.
  2. Ease of use. It’s very user-friendly with little to fix or attach. Extra straps do come separate, so you’ll need to use them when strapping this chair to a kitchen chair.
  3.  Safety and quality. It’s certainly safe to use for placing on the floor though you’ll need to be cautious when your infant is placed upon a chair. The quality is well crafted and simplified with a one-step set-up.
  4. Easy to travel. You can take this anywhere you like, making this the perfect choice for outdoor trips and family vacations. Indoor use is the most optimal for floor function as well as strapping to any chair.
  5. Durability. You’ll like that it’s tough enough for outdoors yet sturdy enough for 3-year-olds. Keep it around for the next little one that needs their first portable high chair.

Our Conclusion:

We hope these selected reviews have given you a better look at our top picks for the best travel high chair. After carefully looking at dozens of portable highchair models, these are perfect solutions you can browse through. We hope that your child will be as happy with the great picks that are intended for you and your family.