BOB Motion Stroller Review

BOB Motion Stroller is the most up to date addition to the line of BOB baby strollers. After focusing primarily on jogging strollers for most of their manufacturing years, BOB has presented their 4-wheel lightweight minimal stroller that is intended for day to day use. This stroller is perfect for simple errands like going to shopping centers, supermarkets, or anything in between. On top of the simplicity it also comes equipped with a nice off-road suspension, it will deal with heavy terrain so you can take it to the outdoors, shoreline or trails.

Bob Motion Stroller – The Review

Well let’s get to it. We gave it a well earned 5 out of 5 since we truly don’t have anything negative to state about the awesome stroller. There were really only a few minor details that we would like to have seen with this model such as an adjustable leg rest and a cup holder. These small details may or may not be important to you, but overall it is a great stroller that did very well in our review. From the usability to it’s overall look it stands out among the competition and is one of the top strollers we recommend.

The Bob motion is great for any parent who wants a stroller that sits in between a jogging stroller and a simple day to day stroller.

The list of features and highlights this stroller comes equipped with is pretty lengthy. We’ll dive deep into those highlights so you can get a better understanding of the Bob Motion stroller.

Bob Motion Stroller Highlights

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One Hand, Quick-Fold

The one hand, quick-fold feature is truly what they say it is. It is so easy to fold this stroller it almost feels like you’re cheating. This feature is so useful when your rushing to get somewhere. It really takes away any sort of hassle you may experience with other strollers in the market. Although this feature is fairly common, it’s important that you get a stroller with this sort of functionality, it comes in handy.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

It’s strong aluminum frame helps give it a sturdy feeling. You know it’s built to last when it comes with an aluminum frame. Aluminum supersedes plastic in so many ways.

Large Over-head Covering

The right kind of cover is super important to protect your young  one from the elements. The over head cover from the bob motion stroller is built very nicely. It curves over the top of the stroller to protect from the sun when it’s at a low angle or from windy rain. It really provides a lot of shade and helps this stroller stand out among the competition for this feature.

Adjustable Handle Bar

Out of popular demand, the BOB finally brought in an adjustable handle bar. We really love this feature. It goes from 32 to 42 inches of length from the ground. This is a new feature to the line of BOB strollers and we’re truly grateful they added it.

Comfortable Seat

It has open steady cushioned seat that will suit your young one well! There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable seat, specially on long days. This seat will help keep your baby comfortable through out the day and keep you going longer.


Infinite Seat Recliner

This feature really pushed the BOB motion stroller over the competition. It’s really mind boggling to know that you can use this seat from birth up to 76 pounds. You can lean back the seat with one hand by pulling on the trigger in the back of the seat. This requires both hands to bring the seat back. We know many parents will love this.

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Back Pocket

There is also an open pocket on the back of the seat that you can use for the majority of your stuff like keys, wallet, cell phone and any other small items else you can think of. We know you need to carry a lot of stuff around, so it really comes in handy!

Bin for Diaper Bag and Accessories 

The bin underneath the seat isn’t the biggest, however will accommodate your medium size diaper pack. Due to the curved up bar, it’s a bit of difficult to place things into the bag from the back. I thought that it was simpler to do it from the sides. If the seat is completely leaned back, you can just access it from the sides.

5 Point Harness

This stoller comes equipped with an adjustable 5 point harness. To open it, you simply push the button in the center and it comes out. Super simple.

Mesh Window

There is an nice mesh window in the back of the seat that you can reveal when you’re leaning back the seat. It’s similar to the Baby Jogger City Mini model. It’s made primarily to help air to flow through on a hot summer day. Awesome feature. If it ever gets cold, you can simply cover it up.

Air Filled Tires

This baby stroller has 4 air filled tires that give a smooth ride in extreme landscapes like grass, mulch and even rock. The back wheels are 10″ and the front are 7″. It is anything but difficult to push and explore. You can without much of a stretch take them off if you have to make your stroller smaller. It has swivel front wheels that can be locked when that you are experiencing intense terrain.

Strong & Rugged Suspension 

We as a whole know from the running kid buggies that BOB makes best in class suspension framework. Furthermore, this baby buggy didn’t frustrated. This baby buggy has tough suspension framework that assimilates a great deal of the knocks giving prevalent mobility and making a smooth ride.This carriage can deal with ANY territory.

Lightweight Frame 

This stroller weighs just 23 lbs as a result of its lightweight yet solid aluminum frame and light air filled wheels. For the most part super light weight strollers weight around 15 pounds. We consider this stroller to be light weight because of its strong suspension off road usability. Although this stroller isn’t super light weight it comes with additional features to make it worth the extra few pounds.

Automatic Lock

This baby stroller naturally locks when collapsed not at all like other BOB carriages. To unwrap it, open the preset lock and pull up the handle bar until it opens.

Car Seat Adapter

This stroller comes equipped with a car seat adapter! I think its a great add on to this already feature packed stroller. The great news about having the adapter is that you don’t need to purchase the adapter in the future. You can transform your BOB mostion stroller if you end up getting a BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seats or almost any BRITAX Infant Car Seat. You can even use it with most well known car seats like Chicco, Graco and Peg Perego.

It seems that BOB truly tuned in to its client base since this baby stroller has what other BOB strollers lack like a adjustable handle bar, and a easy to use seat recliner. Likewise, Click and Go connector for car seats or any BRITAX baby car seat is included.

Cons of The BOB Motion Stroller

Movement has such a large number of incredible highlights, it was pretty hard to think of any cons.

Leg Rest is Not Adjustable 

The leg rest isn’t adjustable, it’s not too bad, but some competitors come with this feature.

No Cup Holder

It is decent to have container holder included. A considerable lot of us endure in light of the espresso.