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Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Review

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer Review


  • Numerous Possible Uses and Applications
  • Very compact when collapsed
  • Open and roomy inside
  • Flexible suspension
  • Lightweight only 28 lbs


  • To some degree difficult to fold on the first try
  • Exchanging attachment isn’t simple

Burley D’Lite In Depth Review

The Burley D’Lite is a standout among other bicycle trailers for kids available now. Our analysts were completely dazzled with its presentation and by the usability. It may be used for some, various applications including, biking, running, crosscountry, skiing, and of coarse, a bicycle trailer. At any point, if you’re not using the Burley you can store it with a simple and compact fold.

Interior is Roomy

The inside is roomier than practically all of the trailers we surveyed. That additional room will prove to be useful when you decide to take the kids out. If you ever choose to not use the Burley for your kids you can basically fold down the seats to make a level surface and use it for towing anything you’d like. You can fundamentally use this bicycle trailer for anything you can fit inside.

It’s a Smooth Ride

When we test rode this trailer we saw it was a genuinely smooth ride. The huge wheels ride over a territory including enormous shakes and mud. Its movable suspension adds to the perfection of its ride. We realize this is presumably one of the more significant highlights. A smooth ride will let you ride longer and increasingly agreeable.

What We Didn’t Like

Despite the fact that this is one of the top trailers available, and one of our top choices, there were a couple of minor subtleties that could’ve been something more. First of all, it’s not very simple to overlap from the start. We realize it’ll get simpler as you become acclimated to it however it’s likely best to rehearse a couple of times before taking it out traveling. Additionally, the connections aren’t anything but difficult to replace. This obviously gets simpler as you go however we’d like it to be easier.


By and large this Burley D’Lite is an extraordinary bicycle trailer for kids. There are numerous accessible applications to this trailer and we love that you can overlap down the seats to tow anything you can fit inside. It’s a balanced, mid-grade bicycle trailer that can be appreciated for quite a long time.