Burley D’lite Bike Trailer Review

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer Review


  • Numerous Possible Uses and Applications
  • Very compact when collapsed
  • Open and roomy inside
  • Flexible suspension
  • Lightweight only 28 lbs


  • To some degree difficult to fold on the first try
  • Exchanging attachment isn’t simple

Burley D’Lite In Depth Review

The Burley D’Lite is a standout among other bicycle trailers for kids available now. Our analysts were completely dazzled with its presentation and by the usability. It may be used for some, various applications including, biking, running, crosscountry, skiing, and of coarse, a bicycle trailer. At any point, if you’re not using the Burley you

Best High Chair For Small Spaces

Best High Chair For Small Spaces

As we all know, there are now various options for parents in all these different products for our babies and toddlers. However, all these options can easily overwhelm us if we are not careful.

With that being said, if you are a parent who is currently in the market for a high chair for small spaces, you are in the right place.

In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss our findings after we’ve tested various high chair products available in the market today: their key features, their advantages and disadvantages, and key considerations of …

Best Travel High Chair

Best High Chair For Traveling

Let’s face it; we’re hit with so many choices that you see every day, on the internet, and in parent magazines. What’s the best travel high chair, and as usual, everyone has their favorite pick. What about us? Isn’t it hard enough to find the right choice with so many products on the market already? Which portable high chair is the right choice for us?

We’ve had a chance to check all the latest products and sorted through the good and bad. Here’s what we found for you and your little ones. These top-pick suggestions

SNOO Smart Sleeper Review – Everything Your Newborn Needs

As a new parent, it is likely that your deepest, darkest desire is for your baby to sleep so that you may also sleep a little bit more. You love your little ray of sunshine – but when he or she starts crying in the middle of the night, you wish there was something you could do to make them sleep better.

Thankfully, we live in a time where technology is at its top. And just like we have smartphones, smart security systems (and pretty much smart-everything), now we also have smart baby beds. Or, well, baby sleepers.


Spectra s2 Breast Pump Reviews

Spectra s2 Breast Pump Reviews

As you’ve probably realized,-  breast pump is an essential tool, I would say, in a daily live of a newbie or second time mama. As I remember I had just enough milk but if I’d need to leave somewhere I knew that my baby will be left without any additional milk. I realized that having pump is one of the top baby gear that I have to have.

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If I have low milk supply using a breast pump can help you. Just follow “simple” step of pumping every 2 hours. (just …

Boon Flair High Chair Review

Boon Flair High Chair Overview

The Boon Flair high chair comes with a modern design, and is a fun way to feed your baby. This chair is a bit heavier than most other high chairs we’ve tested, but that’s okay because you can roll it around, so the extra weight is never really a problem. One of the most notable features of this high chair is the pneumatic lift it comes with. The pneumatic lift makes it easy to adjust the height to your table. Another great feature of this high chair is that it’s made of solid materials and …

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Review

The Baby Trend Expedition is one of the best jogging strollers you can get at such a low price point. This jogging stroller really provides a lot of value and is very budget friendly. The Expedition was very easy to use and maneuvers nicely over standard and rough terrain. It comes well equipped for the price. It’s parent console and child tray was a nice value add to an already well built stroller. One downfall with the Expedition is that it does not come with suspension. A lack in suspension will lead to discomfort if you decide to go for …

Phil and Teds Double Stroller Review

Phil and Teds Double Stroller – Quick Overview

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The Phil and Teds Dot is a compact inline double stroller with a seat that sits under the front seat and takes the place of the storage bin. What we liked about this stroller is that it is more compact and lighter than other double strollers we tested. Being inline makes the Phil and Teds double stroller easier to maneuver. On the other hand, there are a few downsides to this stroller. For starters, it’s pretty hard to fold since you have to remove …

Best Bike Trailer for Kids

Best Bike Trailers for Kids – Our Top Picks

When you’re looking for a fun way to tow the kids around on your bike, you need the best bike trailer you can get. Having the right bike trailer can be a great way of getting the entire family out on a nice, sunny day. With so many potential choices out there it can take some significant research to find the right one. Each bike trailer is equipped with specific components like storage capacity, adjustable suspension, and terrain recommendations. The unique features of each bike trailer can make a huge difference …

Moby Wrap Review

As a new mom I didn’t know what to expect when my baby arrives. You can read books about babies and the common behavior but it still it’s different when your baby is actually born and now you need to take care of him or her. With so many new things that come up when you have a baby, you need as much help as you can get. One of the items that helped me the most when I had my newborn was the Moby wrap. Being able to have your baby close and have your hands free is such …