Chicco Nextfit Safety Ratings and Review

Chicco NextFit Overview

The Chicco NextFit is a great car seat with quite a few notable features. This car seat is a standout among the most attractive items in the group. With a simple to introduce SuperCinch latch, nice  cushioning, a quality structure and a loving design, it is hard not to love this item. Shockingly for the NextFit, the review came in better than expected and it stood out in comparison to other car seats.

Chicco Nextfit Safety Ratings: Our Analysis and Test Results

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Chicco is an Italian brand with more than 30 years of experience. They are famous in the US for their Keyfit line of vehicle seats and good kid boosters. Chicco was begun in 1958 by a designer of pharmaceutical gadgets, Pietro Catelli. After the introduction of his first child, he devoted himself to the formation of better solutions for guardians and children by making infant gear for each phase of a child’s life.

Latch Installation

The Chicco earned a high score in our tests because of its LATCH framework. It stands among the top competitors including the Clek Foonf, Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB and the Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB.

This Chicco NextFit has what they call “SuperCinch”, which is an unique style of latch that utilizes a pulley type system that makes adjusting the LATCH ties far less demanding than conventional latches.

One of the main reasons that makes this seat simple to set up when using the LATCH is that the SuperCinch latch grabs on quick and easy. This feature allows you to pull one side of the tie to fix the length and afterward the opposite side which makes it extremely simple to attatch rapidly and with little effort. While we struggled with a part of the set up to get the seat tight enough, the Chicco is much less demanding to set up than other car seats we’ve tried. The recliner has a few positions and is anything but difficult to change even in the rear facing position. Most of our analyzers favored utilizing LATCH as a car seat set up on the Chicco.

The air bubble level sensor on the Chicco is less demanding to use than the line marker on the vast majority of the competition. The reclining modification on the Chicco works from the front of the seat which makes it hard to modify after the seat is introduced a forward facing position.

The level on the Chicco is a bubble pointer with a rise. The bubble should be inside the range demonstrated on the level when you have the right set up. The recliner moves with consideration of the base to help you accomplish the right angle.

The vehicle belt path on the Chicco has a simple to use belt lock off in the front oriented position

Belt installation

The Chicco earned a decent score for ease of use with the belt. Regardless of whether it is front facing or back facing the Chicco belt lock off is moderately simple to set up. The outer lock on the Chicco is less demanding to use than those found under the car seats.

The two part procedure of the belt lock off on the Chicco helps make it one of the most effortless lock offs in the review to use. The Chicco belt lock off has two sections that cover to verify the vehicle belt set up.

The Chicco is made with a belt path that requires seat removal before you can string the belt. The belt goes under the seat spread, yet there is no real way to know what you are doing, so you will string it by touch. The belt lock-off is a lot less demanding to use than a great deal of the competition, yet threading the belt was harder. Another issue is that once you get the vehicle belt sufficiently tight, the belt lock-off is harder to use as the belt forbids shutting the lock. Generally speaking the seat is simple enough to install, however it doesn’t have a the best belt installation procedure that we’ve tested.


The usability review portion was a tight one for the of car seats we reviewed. The Chicco scored slightly below average for this part of the review.

We noticed that he buckle on the Chicco is somewhat hard and cumbersome to use.

Changing the harness height on the Chicco involves of pushing in the button on the highest point of the headrest and moving the whole headrest to the ideal height.

The harness adjustment alteration is a non-rethread style worked by pressing the button at the highest point of the headrest and moving the system up or down to the ideal position. This component is one of the most effortless in the review to use, and we like that it can be done when you’re out and about with this car seat. Along these lines parents can make changes the minute they see a need rather than putting it off and overlooking. This harness has six height choices and two strap positions.

The harness discharge button on the Chicco is situated over the bottom of the seat. It has a little lip on one side to help discourage your little one from playing with it.

Both the tightening strap and release button for the seat are close to the foot of the seat. The strap moves easily and doesn’t require unreasonable effort to use. The loosening button is visible over the seat cushioning and is easy to press.

Lock Storage Section

The Chicco has one of the most delightful LATCH storage sections in the review group. The grapples and ties store in plastic pockets on the sides of the seat (above left). The straps and anchors just fit in the pocket one way, and it can take a couple of attempts to make sense of it, but once in, they are out of sight. The strap and hook store in a plastic pocket on the back that additionally has an entryway. This pocket is easier to use than the side LATCH anchor storage and closes without issues. The manual fits in a pocket on the back of the seat where harm or loss of the manual is far-fetched.

The fabric on the Chicco folds over and tucks into the seat for an exceptionally amazing completion. We loved this more than those that fold over and look like slip covers.

Seat Cover

Because of the way the seat fabric tucks in around the edges of the seat, it is hard to remove the cover for cleaning. We do like the look of this layout, yet it makes cleaning that much more difficult than necessary. The cover can be machine washed on cold in a fragile cycle. It should just be air dried.

The Chicco has an impressive look and earned the most astounding score in out tests for quality and comfort

Comfort and Overall Quality

The Chicco shares the most noteworthy score for comfort and quality when compared to the top competitors. The Chicco has a great deal to offer in this section, and it demonstrates when the car seats we reviewed compete very well with each other.

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The outer fabric on the Chicco tucks into the body and makes what resembles a consistent progress with no sharp edges or uncovered attachments. The texture is smooth, delicate nylon that ought to be moderately simple to wipe down, however may likewise be inclined to absorbing fluids. It looks delicate to the touch without looking worn or wobbly. The cushioning is thick all around and feels similar to a memory foam material. You certainly can’t feel the hard plastic shell underneath the pad. We think most minimal ones will discover this seat comfortable for even the longest car trips.

The back of the Chicco’s plastic body is smooth and simple to clean. It has a center storage compartment for the tie that keeps it out of sight

The body of the seat is independent and has a smooth back and sides. This plan implies it is anything but difficult to clean and looks organized. There are few to no little spaces for dirt and muck to gather. The thick defensive foam inside the body is Expanded Polystyrene. This foam is the standard and thought about sufficient protection for this application.

The base of the Chicco is smooth without any edges or projections that could possibly harm the vehicle’s seat. It additionally has an elastic edge on it that could possibly help keep it set up

The general fit and completion of the Chicco are great and a standout among the best in the review group. Everything is contained on board the seat and generally covered up away giving it a smooth look and feel. The base is smooth and furthermore has no harsh edges, so you don’t have to stress over potential harm to you car’s seat.


The Chicco NextFit weighs around 25 lbs, and it is 19 inches at its amplest point. These estimations give it a lower score for this section. These estimations make it one of the heavier and bigger seats in the audit. On a brighter note, most parents will rarely move the seat.