Latch Bottles Review

When you’re feeding your baby through a bottle you want to be sure you provide the milk slow, steady and easily. The last thing you want as a parent is to have a baby fuss and fight because the bottle is too slow, fast, or simply uncomfortable. Looking for the right baby bottle can be a tough choice, specially since you can’t try them yourself.

Having the right baby bottle will help your baby feed easier. Another reason to feed your baby from the bottle is so the baby’s dad, or close relative, can feed while mom works.

The best you can have is a child bottle that doesn’t cause issues when your baby latches onto the bottle and how the bottle hooks onto the container. Continue reading to find out if the Munchkin Latch, BPA free, baby bottle is right for you.

Latch Bottle: Key Features and Benefits

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This container wins a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars in our review scale in light of its excellent execution and highlights.

This set incorporates:

  • Three 8-ounce bottles
  • Three fixing plates
  • Three areolas
  • Three tops


  • The areola mimics how a genuine areola moves, which should help babies keep the right latch longer
  • This bottle won the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award, being named as the best jug chosen by mothers.
  • It has a colic valve to decrease how much air your infant swallows.
  • Milk won’t drip out of the areola except if your infant is sucking.


  • A few mothers have had issues with these jugs spilling
  • It’s not the most affordable bottle on the market

Latch Bottle – Usability

Quality of Materials

The nipple is very friendly to a baby’s mouth. It stretches and moves around with your child’s mouth. Since it utilizes a movement like breastfeeding, your infant shouldn’t start to fuss when you feed him or her. We really loved this part of the bottle.

Another great benefit is that the milk won’t come out unless your baby applies pressure to the nipple. This part of the bottle is standard to most bottles, but it’s important to note. When you’re ready to feed with the bottle and put it into your baby’s mouth it shouldn’t drip milk. You want the milk to come out only when the baby begins to suck on the bottle so that your baby is in full control of the bottle. If the milk comes out when you flip the bottle over your baby may slowly turn into a sluggish feeder because it doesn’t take any work for your baby to feed with the bottle. Although it is standard that most bottles come with this feature be sure the bottle you end up purchasing is equipped with this feature.

A few moms reported that the nipple seems to collapse frequently while using it. It’s constantly upsetting to make an eager infant stop his nourishing for a couple of minutes in light of the fact that the areola of the jug has crumpled. Once in a while babies lose intrigue through and through in that encouraging session, squandering two or three ounces of bosom milk or equation.

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These Bottles Are Easy To Hold

One of the main benefits of the latch bottle is that they’re very comfortable to hold. You won’t feel like your hand is cramped in one position when your baby finishes the bottle. Let’s face it, parenting involves a lot of work. We need to catch a break when ever we can! The comfort of this bottle provides a bit of comfort in a hectic day.

Assembling These Bottles Is Super Easy

At times assembling bottles with cramped hands is enough to drive you nuts! So by having such a comfortable bottle really helps the overall experience of bottle feeding. At times, installing a baby bottle can involve a ton of steps. I don’t see any reason why a bottle should be so hard to put together but from my own experience, there are some bottles that are pretty tough to put together. Fortunately with this bottle, there’s very few steps to assemble. Anybody can figure out how to put the bottle together.

Cost: Not The Cheapest

These aren’t the priciest baby bottles out there, but they are as somewhat costly when compared with some different brands. In other words, there are cheaper bottles out there. Since most babies are some what picky I’d recommend getting just one one of these baby bottles to check how it works with your baby. If your baby likes it, you can go with a bigger set of these.

Cleaning: Somewhat Hard To Clean

I’m not the type that stresses over cleanliness, but one negative thing we noticed is that the anti-colic feature at the bottom of the bottle makes it harder to clean all the way:

I’m not a slick oddity by any stretch of the creative energy, and I’ve never invested much time whining about whether I’ve expelled each milk molecule from my children’s jugs. In any case, that blue vent thing at the base of these jugs is clumsy to spotless, even with a brush. I don’t assume I would be OK with how clean these containers got — and I would presumably need to put additional cash into a sterilizer.

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Top Competitors

Philips Anti-Colic Bottles

Mothers of babies who struggle with colicky behaviors, yet who aren’t sold on the Munchkin bottles might need to look at Philips bottles. They have a simple to-use colic feature.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

Mothers who are hoping to make bottle feedings feel like breastfeeding should consider the Comotomo baby bottles. Made out of silicone, even the container base is squeezable like a genuine bosom. Be cautioned however, Comotomo bottles are considerably pricier than the Munchkin bottles.

Dr. Darker’s Bottles

In case you’re searching for a bottle that is less expensive than the Munchkin ones are, you can run with Dr. Darker’s bottles.

NUK Baby Bottle

Mothers who are searching for a baby bottle will be used often and doesn’t resemble each other bottle available may value the nice designs on this bottle.

Why We Like The Latch Bottles

Despite the fact that these bottles are more expensive and to some degree difficult to clean, they are anything but difficult to use and pretty good at keeping the air out of your infant’s milk so he won’t have as much gas. They will help prevent your child from turning into a lazy feeder since he’ll need to effectively suck to get milk.

For breastfeeding mothers who need to switch between the breast and bottle without problems, this is a good choice.