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Moby Wrap Review

As a new mom I didn’t know what to expect when my baby arrives. You can read books about babies and the common behavior but it still it’s different when your baby is actually born and now you need to take care of him or her. With so many new things that come up when you have a baby, you need as much help as you can get. One of the items that helped me the most when I had my newborn was the Moby wrap. Being able to have your baby close and have your hands free is such an advantage.

Moby Wrap: Our Review

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The Moby wrap is a piece of 18 feet long soft fabric that is designed to hold your baby closer to you. After spending 9 months in your belly, your baby is used to being curled up in the womb, the cozy environment where he or she was growing up. What the Moby wrap does is re-create this environment for them outside of the womb. Also it lets them be close to you so they can hear and feel your heartbeat.

Overall Experience with the Moby Wrap

Hands Free is Such Freedom

As soon as I put my baby boy into the Moby he fell asleep right away. As you might know your baby feels your heartbeat and your voice and naturally it sooth them down when they are distressed. The good thing that your baby knows daddy’s voice too so daddy can practice wearing Moby and let you rest for some time.

However, be sure to put the Moby the right way. I had back pain after my first Moby wearing. YouTube videos, practice and instructions would help along. The moby design in a way that you can easily make adjustments even if your baby is already inside of the Moby. It makes more convenient for you as a caregiver to tie up Moby without having to move your baby.

Reduces Crying

In my case my boy would always wanted to be held so the Moby worked out perfectly for that. I wear my Moby at the house, so while he’s sleeping I can be hands-free and do more stuff around the house. It also buys me sometime so I don’t have to always pick up my baby as soon as he cries.

Moby ultimately mimics the womb and makes your little one less fussy. Also the Moby creates an extra bonding time for your baby and you.

Learning Experience

By being close to you skin to skin, it makes your baby feel secure so they can interact with you and the environment that surrounds them. Also it provokes a relaxation for both of you and makes both you and baby calm. The supportive structure creates comfort for the baby from all sides and ability to look around.

Super easy to clean

The entire Moby can be washed in your washing machine and dried in the dryer. Super user friendly and convenient as for any mom. When your baby spits out a bit, it can be also easily cleaned on go, just a little bit of water, scrub it and let it air dry and that’s it. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


When you hold your baby in the Moby it creates a lot of heat between both you and the baby. So be sure do not put unnecessary layers of clothes for you and baby. You don’t want your baby to overheat. The heat can be an advantage for the winter and autumn but not at all for the summer. Also, Moby has a lot of different ways to wear, it all depends on your comfort.


Just gave birth and have some extra lbs.? Moby actually helped me lose some weight. Just by carrying your baby around helps lose some weight than I didn’t need. However, Moby carrying uses less energy than hand carrying. So you might want to practice both. I used it also for going out, additional noise made my baby fall asleep even faster so it certainly was an advantage.

Disadvantages of the Moby Wrap

A bit of a Learning Curve

When I bought Moby it was pretty hard for me to use. I read the instructions and tried to figure it out myself. But honestly it took me quite a while to get used it and wear it properly. Just practice every day or watching a video would be helpful enough.. Also, something to note, it’s okay for your baby to be fussy a little bit when you try to put him in to the Moby. But once your baby is in the Moby, he or she going to sleep or look around. While you’re wrapping the Moby around yourself be sure to tighten it enough to create an extra level of security for your baby.

Best for Babies Under 15 lbs

The Moby is ideal for newborns or babies under 15lb, but as soon as your baby starts to grow it would be heavy for you to hold your baby long periods of time. Also, your baby would want to see and discover the world around him. Be sure to get more firm baby carrier when they get to that point.

Overall, the Moby is an amazing wrap to use. But it requires a lot of patience to learn how to use it. Once it’s handled Moby will be your best friend. No need to carry stroller around, just simply go for a walk with no extra weight, just your baby.

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