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Phil and Teds Double Stroller – Quick Overview

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The Phil and Teds Dot is a compact inline double stroller with a seat that sits under the front seat and takes the place of the storage bin. What we liked about this stroller is that it is more compact and lighter than other double strollers we tested. Being inline makes the Phil and Teds double stroller easier to maneuver. On the other hand, there are a few downsides to this stroller. For starters, it’s pretty hard to fold since you have to remove the rumble seat. This can be a lot of work when you’re juggling your two babies. Another issue with this layout is that the second passenger in the rear has limited visibility and space. Overall, this stroller is a nice ride and easy to maneuver, but we aren’t big fans of the design.

Phil & Teds Double Stroller: Our Experience and Review

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Phil and Teds has a strong reputation in the baby gear industry. With over twenty years of experience, this New Zealand company provides products internationally. They have won multiple awards and are well known in the industry. The following sections go into how the Dot performed in our review.

Maneuverability – Comfortable, Compact & Smooth Stroller

One of the best parts of the Phil and Teds Dot double Stroller is its maneuverability. When we took it out for a test ride we found it to be super smooth and comfortable to use. Since this double stroller is inline it’s much more compact than most double strollers out in the market. It navigates turns and tight spaces like no other. It’s maneuverability makes this stroller work really well for city dwellers living in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Material Quality – Above Average

The quality of materials used in the Dot are above average. Many strollers nowadays seem to be cutting corners in the materials they us, not this one. The fabrics used in this stroller are nice and the padding is comforting. The overall feeling of the stroller is durable and well built. When you get your hands on this stroller you can really feel the difference. That’s something pictures or words really can’t explain.The handlebar has a nice grip to it and feels good to the touch. It’s also adjustable.


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Usability – Not The Best Design

The Dot scored low in this part of our review. The biggest issue with this stroller is the fact that you have to remove the second seat and shade cover if you want to fold it. We think that’s too much to ask from a parent who is juggling two kids. We can’t imagine being out in the park or beach and having to basically take apart the stroller in order to fold it. This is one of the biggest downsides to using this stroller.

On a brighter note, having to remove the bottom seat to fold the stroller might work if you drive a more compact car. Separating the stroller and folding it makes it very compact. So you have less space to store it, or drive a compact car this might work out nicely for you.

Nice Foot Brake

The Dot has a single brake that is really easy to use and engage. It’s much easier to use than the brakes that go attached to the wheel since you have to set both brakes or else the stroller can still roll to one side.

Storage – Too Little Storage

The storage bin is an average sized tray, but the issue with this storage tray is that when you attach the rear seat the feat of the rear passenger sit in the tray. This results in less space for anything. All there really is space for is minor things like water bottles and a few toys. A backpack would probably fit but cause discomfort to the rear passenger.

If you were carrying only one passenger in the stroller then you have an 11 lbs allowance as stated by the manufacturer, but you’re thinking of using this stroller for two kids, right? When you have a passenger in the rear the storage tray basically becomes non existent.

Overhead Sun Shade

The overhead sun shade of the Dot is an average size relative to the competition. It has a clear window so you can check in on your little one. Nothing too special about this sun shade. Keep in mind that the sun shade is only for the top seat so the bottom seat doesn’t come equipped with any shading. The justification for this is that the front seat will give the rear seat shade, but that’s not always the case. If the sun is coming in from the side, the rear passenger will have no shade at all.

The Dot does come with a mesh that goes over the top of the front seat and through to the back seat. This mesh protects the sides and limits the sun that comes through, but it doesn’t block it entirely. This mesh gives off a bad look and cheap feeling when you actually use it.

5 Point Harness – Easy to Adjust but Difficult to Buckle

When it came down to strapping our baby down, the 5 point harness took a bit more work than usual to set up. Other harnesses we’ve tested in the past can be set up with ease, that’s not the case here. Both buckling and unbuckling was more work than other strollers out there. Overall, the harness was too much work in our opinion and can be a clear value add in future Phil and Teds stroller models.

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Overall the Phil and Teds double stroller is not the best in its class. There are other double strollers at the same price point come equipped with better design. Although, this stroller will suit a specific end user.

The maneuverability and material quality are the best features of the Dot double stroller. If you live in the city and need a compact double stroller that is easy to maneuver this stroller works great. Also, if you have a compact car or storage, this might be the right choice for you.

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