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As you’ve probably realized,-  breast pump is an essential tool, I would say, in a daily live of a newbie or second time mama. As I remember I had just enough milk but if I’d need to leave somewhere I knew that my baby will be left without any additional milk. I realized that having pump is one of the top baby gear that I have to have.

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If I have low milk supply using a breast pump can help you. Just follow “simple” step of pumping every 2 hours. (just kidding, it’s pretty hard to be on the pump all the time). After your milk supply increased store your milk for the future use. How to stoke breast milk check here:

Obviously you did a lot of research before you narrowed your options to Spectra s2 Breast pump. By being relatively new to the market (US availability since 2013) the Spectra breast pump has already become one of the favorites among mommies.


Spectra S2 Breast pump enters top 5 of the most recommended on Amazon 2019, view here. One of the important but not the most important feature that I would consider is price. Spectra s2 breast pump is almost twice as cheaper as Medela Pump in Style. Also, I used to have Medela pump and the pumping noise of the machine itself was extremely loud. Once my son falls asleep I needed to be sitting close to him in case he wakes up so I can quickly help him fall back asleep. Well with Spectra S2 Breast pump is much easier. First of all the pump is significantly light, the weight is only 3.3 lb.


  • Gentle. Spectra S2 is very gentle for sensitive skin, especially after your baby start teething, watch out, you might have sore nipples or breast.
  • Has high suction strength. Which means this pump will slow to suck more breast milk.
  • Closed system pump. No need to wash or disinfect tubing. Closed system doesn’t let tubing to get wet. It means no contact with water or milk.  When I was in a market of buying a pump I didn’t pay much attention at this part. But honestly, you have to make sure that your pump has a CLOSED system because once water/ milk or bacteriagets into tubing you’d have to replace those. It’s too much hassle for me so I’ve chosen Spectra S2 breast pump.
  • BPA free parts.
  • Night light option. For those momma’s who has to pump at night this option would be beneficial. No need to wake up dad with a bright light. How great when designers make an extra step for momma’s best satisfaction.
  • Spectra S2 has a great option for us to review it’s a Digital Screen. I remember my lactose specialist would tell me that if I want to increase the milk supply it’s better to pump every 1-2 hours. Basically, pump more frequently. During the day it was okay with me but at night that’s where it gets tricky. By the night time you usually really tired and sometimes you might start pumping and forget to check the duration of breast pump section. Guess what, Spectra S2 does it for you it will  show the time and duration of the last pumping section.
  • Warranty. Spectra S2 offers a 2 year warranty vs Medela 1 year

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