Various Desserts on a Table covered with Baby Blue Cover

What to Know When Hosting a Baby Shower

The planning process for a baby shower can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can keep your event stress-free by staying organized and working ahead of time. A checklist is a great way to ensure you don’t forget any important details.

Planning a Baby Shower

If you want to throw a baby shower for a close friend or family member, you need to take several steps. Start by talking to the parents-to-be. This will help you decide how to host the shower and plan around their schedule. 

Next, set a date for the party. It’s best to plan the party for a weekday, but you should also consider the availability of the mother-to-be and her guests. If the shower is taking place during the weekend, choose a day when most people will be free. It’s also a good idea to reserve a location and catering company before sending out invitations.

Choosing a Venue

One of the most important aspects of organizing a baby shower is choosing the venue. The venue will determine many decisions you must make, such as the decorations and food you serve. Different venues can accommodate various events, and knowing what to expect from the space will help you plan the shower accordingly.

If you are planning to invite kids to the shower, choosing a venue accessible to the guests is essential. A venue will determine the number of guests invited to the event. Moreover, it is important to select a location that is comfortable and easy to find for everyone.

Choosing a Theme

There are several ways to choose a theme for a baby shower. You can host a gender-neutral baby shower, a co-ed event, or an all-female affair. If you are hosting a baby shower for a woman, you can choose an especially feminine theme, such as a spa party, a tea party, or a makeover party.

Baby showers with a feminine theme are especially appealing to moms-to-be who love pink and purple colors. Using this color scheme in the decor, favors, and games can create a beautiful baby shower. Baby shower themes based on this color palette open up a wide variety of options, from mermaids to ballet princesses. Paper lanterns and tall dessert stands are essential decorations for a baby shower with a feminine theme.

Choosing a Favor

There are many different types of favors that you can give out at a baby shower. They can be as simple as candy, homemade gifts, or something more personalized. Food is always popular and is an inexpensive favor. Food favors are also great if you have a small party with few guests.

The tradition of opening gifts at a baby shower has changed a bit. While the traditional gift-opening ritual may still be prevalent, many women feel shy about doing it. A more modern version involves having the mommy-to-be watch her guests open the gifts. While this may be a nice gesture, gift opening may take longer than expected, especially if you have a lot of presents.

Choosing a Gift

Baby shower etiquette says that guests should select a gift from a registry, but other options can be equally meaningful and personal. Many registries include a wide variety of items, from modest, practical things like a baby shower bag to more expensive items like a high chair or stroller. However, it’s important to remember that the point of a baby shower is to shower the new parents with gifts, not to overwhelm them.