Free Baby Stuff For Military Families: Get Freebies and Save Money

When your baby is born you need all the help you can get. Let’s face it, everything becomes a little bit tougher. Of coarse, a newborn baby is a blessing and brings your home so much love and affection, but when it comes down to the day to day, free baby stuff is nice to have. As a military family you have access to so many different programs out there to help with your new family member. In this article I’ll be going over a few of them to help you along this journey. We’ll list out a few places where you can get free baby stuff for your military family.

Free Baby Stuff: Military Families

free baby stuff military families
Baby development involves having the right toys and attention. Certain programs can help with that

Free Baby Samples

When you’re baby is born you quickly realize how much stuff you have to buy. The list can sometimes feel endless. From wipes to lotion to bottles, it can be a bit overwhelming. Free baby samples can come in handy. There are programs out there that will send you free samples when you sign up. These free baby samples come in different sizes. Most of the time these samples can last about a month sometimes more! These free samples include day to day baby items such as bottles, wipes, lotion and much more. It’s really simple to get a sample and doesn’t cost you a dime! Be sure to get your free baby samples, they’ll come in handy.


Groceries don’t necessarily feed your baby, but they help feed your family.  The added expenses a baby brings can make you feel tight on money. As a military family you may qualify for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program. This program will give you vouchers depending on your income. WIC helps with items like cereal, bread, juice and so much more. When you use WIC you can save 20% on your groceries. It’s not free, but 20% on groceries will add up to quite a bit. Groceries have gotten pretty expensive in the recent years. If you can, give this program a try and see if you qualify. WIC can help you up until your child reaches the age of 5.

Free Diaper Samples

When you’re changing 8 diapers per day you really can’t have too many diapers. If you’re a military family you can sign up to get free diaper samples. All you have to do is enter an email and you can get a free set of diapers right to your door. This free service matches you with products you’re most interested in and let you browse all the samples available.  It’s super easy and simple to sign up. To get these diapers you don’t have to purchase anything. It doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. Baby diapers go so quick!

pregnant get money and save money
Doulas provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy, delivery, and your child’s early developmental stages


A Doula is someone, typically a woman who supports you through birth and early development stages. They aren’t necessarily nurses so they have a different focus. Rather than providing medical help, the help you with day to day activities. A doula will also provide guidance when you are pregnant and support during delivery. When you’re going through a pregnancy or just gave birth a bit of support goes a long way. A qualified doula would also provide emotional support. The right doula will have a positive impact on your entire family. There are many organizations out there that help provide doulas. A bit of research, paperwork and you should be able to get this sort of help.

Free Month of Bluum Subscription

This one is not specific to military moms but we thought it’d be good to throw it in here because of the positive feedback we’ve heard from this subscription service. You can get a free month of this subscription when you sign up. This service has tons of positive reviews and comes with nice, innovative products for your child. This service will send age specific products to aid in development and the best part is that it’s always a surprise. So give it a shot and get a free month of goodies to see what you get.

Military Car Insurance

There are also many car insurance companies who offer discounts for active military members and their family. Be sure to check out car insurance companies who offer military auto insurance discounts.

Free Baby Showers

Being a military mom can be tough if you’re away from family. A baby shower is an important time to be surrounded by support from those you love. A baby shower is also an important date to look back on with pictures and show your young one when they grow up. You can get a free baby shower if you’re a military mom to be. These programs help provide the support you need in this special time. There are many programs out there that can help with this.

free baby shower for military families
A baby shower is an important event to look back on. It can be hard to have a baby shower when you’re away from family. Certain programs can help and even provide a free baby shower if you qualify

Everyday Mom Sampling Club

You can also join the everyday mom sampling club. This club sends a new box of samples every month based on your stage in the pregnancy. You’ll get coupons, alerts, samples, magazines and more. We’ve heard some pretty nice feedback from our subscribers. This club works with well-known brands. You really can’t go wrong when you sign up for this free service.

Bag of Goodies for Marine and Navy Families

You can get a free Junior Sea Bag full of baby goodies and a blanket. To grab these goodies you have to go to a workshop with a highly trained volunteer that goes over budget counseling and financial education. Simply book an appointment with a volunteer and you can get your bag of goodies and general financial education.

There are many programs out there that can help you when you are pregnant and in your child’s first few years. It’s a great idea to take advantage of these programs. At the end of the day they were made to make your life easier and to ultimatly help you through such an important time of your life.