Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

The Chicco Liteway stroller is a classic and simple stroller with an umbrella fold. During our review we found this stroller to be not as good the competition. At the same time, this stroller is priced much lower than the competition so we can’t be too hard on this simple stroller. For the price, it’s a pretty well rounded stroller. This stroller is best suited for parents looking for a stroller that is light, easy to move, folds, and is priced below the competition.

Chicco Liteway Stroller: The Review

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When we got our hands on this stroller we quickly noticed how sturdy it is. Having an aluminum frame it really felt like it would stand the test of time. The assembly of this stroller was very straightforward and took less than 15 minutes.

Security and Belt

The belt of the Chicco liteway stroller felt nice and secure. In the manual it is referred to as a five point harness. The belt/harness fits good around the shoulders and buckles into the crotch strap. The harness came with nice padding so your baby doesn’t get irritated when strapped down. We found that the length adjustment came in handy.

Leg Rest Adjustment

This stroller also came equipped with a leg rest adjustment. The leg rest can be adjusted into two positions to help comfort. Since every baby is different we know this will help down the line if you decide to purchase this stroller. The leg adjustment was very simple to use. You just have to press the two buttons on the side of the stroller and move the leg rest to your desired position.


Some stains are too tough to be taken out with a wet rag. Luckily, the fabric cover in this stroller can be removed in case you need to wash it in the future. Removing the fabric cover was super simple, just unfasten the straps and it comes right off.


This stroller is light, but not the lightest in it’s class. Weighing nearly 18 lbs it’s almost 5 pounds heavier than the UPPAbaby G-Lite.

Ease of Use

On a brighter note, when folded this stroller is super compact. We truly love this feature. No other stroller we reviewed was able to fold to such dimensions. The umbrella fold is really easy to use. It folds down with just one hand.

When standing this stroller is roughly 40 inches wide, but when folded it goes down to 10 inches wide. This helps keep your stroller in the trunk of your car at all times.


The storage bin in the Chicco Liteway is average sized and can fit most items. It’s easy to access and sturdy. The bin should work well with most diaper bags and day to day items.


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Look and Feel

We are pretty impressed with the look and style of this stroller considering its low price. It comes in multiple colors such as beige and dark grey. These trendy colors should fit most occasions and hold well.

The materials used are pretty standard. What stood out was the seat cushing. This stroller’s seat is pretty well cushioned and think your young one will enjoy it.

As an added bonus this stroller comes with a cupholder. We know you’ll need it for your coffee.

Seat Recliner

The seat recliner in the Chicco Liteway stroller is pretty user friendly. It has 5 positions in case your toddler is ready for a nap or wants to sit up. The stroller also has a hide-away boot that encloses your baby when the seat is fully reclined. This feature allows your baby to fully relax when they’re ready to sleep.

Stroller Build and Suspension

This stroller is equipped with rear wheel suspension and front swivel wheels. The rear wheels come with foot action locks and toe-tap brakes to ensure a smooth and secure ride when you’re out and about.

Suited For The First Few Years

This Chicco Liteway is designed to work with your baby from birth until the first 40 pounds. Being able to use a stroller for years really lets you get the most out of your money.

This stroller is built for travel and storage. It folds into a very compact position and works well for most day to day applications.


The canopy in this stroller is simple and useful. It works well for most occasions and blocks the sun well. It’s also detachable in case you don’t want to use it. The canopy also comes with a rear zip weather panel and peek a boo window.

Overall this stroller is well suited for most day to day activities. It is also priced well below the competition. This stroller is best suited for any parents interested in a light, compact and stylish stroller for day to day use.