Lotus Bassinet Review

Overview: Lotus Bassinet Review

After careful analysis we put together one of the most in depth Lotus Bassinett Reviews. The Lotus Bassinet is detached bassinet that works with the Lotus Everywhere travel bassinet. This bassinet has large open sides and uses Greenguard Gold standard materials making it a more comfortable sleeping area that you can keep close to your bedside. The Lotus is a great item that feels durable and solid, and we figure guardians will love that it very well may be used as a moveable bassinet too. The Lotus is anything but difficult to set up and can be moved from room to room regardless of the size of your home. This item may not be the best bassinet if you need to remain in bed and have the ability to reach your child in the bassinet, yet on the off chance that you are in search for a flexible item with an independent bassinet, at that point the Lotus might be a decent pick for your infant.

Our Analysis: The Lotus Bassinet Travel System

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Guava is a family run business with the objective of making guardians’ lives simpler and increasingly productive. The organization trusts that “life ought to be spent together.” Their fashioners make gear in view of security and convenience. The Guava organization trusts that items should be sufficiently protected for their children before they offer it for consumers. Guava puts their baby gear through outsider testing when it is conceivable and they use excellent materials whenever possible.

The segments beneath give data on the Lotus’ execution contrasted with the challenge. Accentuation was set on convenience and breathability while ascertaining the general scores.

You can reach inside the Lotus while still in bed yet it is more troublesome than the genuine co-sleepers we tried.


The bigger size of this bassinet makes it difficult to use directly by your bed. The depth of the bassinet is shallow and lower than most making it difficult to reach from your bed even if you figure out how to set it up closer to you. This alternative works best as a detached bassinet.

It is hard to get the legs of the Lotus through most interior door ways however they do move internally at the pivot focuses to make it less bulky.


Weighing in at 14 lbs, the Lotus is generally light. It measures 25.5″H x 47.9″L x 32.1″W when open which makes it to some degree wide when moving it from room to room. Yet the legs can twist in or you can tilt the casing to walk it through. It doesn’t have handles and it isn’t generally intended to be moved  between rooms, but if you really need to you can. It is, in any case, incredible for collapsing effectively and fitting inside its moving bag.

The wide legs on the Lotus can be opened and bowed to fit the bassinet through entryways.

Extra Features

This bassinet is easy to move and comes with a travel pack so you can take the Lotus out and about with you.

Simplicity of Setup

It took us less than 10 minutes to take the Lotus from a travel pack to a bassinet. We were amazed at how simple it was to put together.


This item has a washable lining that hangs to dry. The edge can be cleaned by wiping with a wet towel or mild cleanser if necessary.

The Lotus has open sides for breathability.


The Lotus has among the best breathability we’ve seen when compared to other bassinets.

The area that your child will interact with is truly breathable and we don’t feel the ties represent a hazard given their smaller width.

The Lotus bassinet sleeping pad is one inch thick and profoundly compressible. It moves in the edge with a Velcro and the area on the sides of the sleeping cushion submerged well when we pressed on it.

The Lotus bedding connects to the resting zone with segments of Velcro that shield it from moving during use.

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The Lotus scored somewhat better than most other bassinets for our quality review. It is quite the value at the cost, just a single other item we looked into turned out with higher quality at a lower cost.

Both the build and the texture on the bassinet appear to be exceptionally strong and sturdy. We didn’t see any free sewing or conceivable issues with the texture. The sewing attatching the handles of the travel pack began to extend from the heaviness of the bunk after insignificant use, and this could conceivably turn into an issue in the future. The casing wobbles somewhat whenever you walk, yet it holds consistetnly.

The Lotus is made using materials that are increasingly common in the industry.


This item is free of destructive substances, for example, lead, PVC, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, and Heavy Metals. The Lotus meets all the fire resistant norms without using extra synthetic materials which helped its environmental score. Guava offers more openess in their material and manufacturing when compared to a large portion of the competition, something we like to see with regards to any infant gear, however particularly gear that babies rest on.

This bassinet earned points for the GreenGuard affirmation and absence of certain synthetic compounds, yet it lost points for using polyurethane and ambiguous language used to misdirect guardians or “greenwash” the item. They do express the sleeping pad is “low VOC” however given the absence of standard meanings of this expression we are still left wondering what this implies and feel a naural bedding would be better.

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